Saturday, July 26, 2008

Once again it seems as if life has gotten in the way and I have failed to update here for some time; I really am going to try and be better about it! I have finished school and passed boards so I am officially an RN now! Last year was really a very tough year between work and school and everything in between and I am really glad to have gotten through it! My husband and I recently purchased our first home together and because of that, I now get to have my own "studio" in the basement. My previous set up was in the garage! I am really excited about it because now it means I can torch whenever I want and not have to worry about the weather. My FIL built me a work station and installed a vent system for me so I have been working away in my new studio for about 3 weeks now.

Before I got my ventilation in I was working on other "projects" that are listed in my second Etsy store @ This shop features a variety of items from my handmade sterling silver jewelry to bookmarks and hair bows. I apparently have "craft add" :)

I have also joined some new communities, I have a page on indie public, a very cool site that I am still learning about. I have been a member of Lampwork Etc. for quite some time and recently joined their street team on Etsy (LEST). They are a very talented bunch of very supportive fellow lampworkers. Always willing to give advise on how to make your work better, or how to take better pics or even willing to share their techniques on how to make a certain style of bead; a very awesome group! So when you are shopping on Etsy be sure and search "LEST" to find their amazing work!

My Etsy Mini