Monday, October 31, 2011


So I wrote last about Mighty and that we thought he was doing better. Today his "tumor" is all but gone and he seems to be feeling better still. We have a follow up appointment set for next Monday to see what the doctor thinks but so far so good.
I have gone in for orientation for my new job, it has taken a while from when they actually offered me the job to get to this point and there was a bit of confusion along the way but I think everything is all worked out now. Tonight is my first full shift and training on the floor and I must admit I'm actually sort of excited about it. I have worked in long term care in the past but not in this capacity. It will certainly be a change from my comfort zone but so far in touring the facility everyone seems nice, so that will be a welcome change! I know that every job has its ups and downs...I'm just hoping that the downs are few and far between!

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