Monday, August 2, 2010


My new Devardi glass arrived today!! Super fast shipping, only took it 3 business days to get here. Packaged really well and, while I have yet to melt any of it, I am excited about the small selection of colors I ordered. Here are a couple of pics both of the packaging and of the glass. The tubes were inside a medium sized flat rate box.
This is the $5/lb of shorts and a ring mandrel.
LOOK at that PINK!!
I am lovin' this green too!
Will be back when I have some test beads made!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shoes and Glass

So my hubby and I went out to our local shoe store the other day and we have been looking at the Sketchers Shape Ups for some time now and were thrilled to discover that they were on sale! Typically they are $99.99 everywhere we look but they had select ones marked down to $79.99! We each bought a pair and are excited to see if they are everything we have built them up to be. His aunt has 2 pair and she swears by them. She has some back and knee trouble and says that the shock absorption is great for that. That is the main reason I wanted to try a pair for myself, I have some back issues of my own and when I spend a day on my feet it just makes it worse. They suggest you sort of "build up" to wearing them all day and only wear them for 30 minutes or so for the first few days until you get used to walking in them, there is a difference; sort of like walking in sand all the time. I have them on now and this is day 2. The biggest thing I notice so far is that they do seem to alleviate some of the pain I have been having in my lower back....we'll see how it goes.
Now for the glass....I decided the other day to try some of the Devardi glass that I keep seeing posted on Ebay and discussed over on LE. I didn't order a *lot* but some of the different colors that you don't typically find in soft glass. It should be here tomorrow or Tuesday and I am sooo excited to give it a shot! At $5.99/lb even if I don't really like it, I can't be tooo disappointed! :)

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