Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas and secret Santa

I mentioned in an earlier post about being a part of a secret Santa exchange on LE (lampwork etc) and I thought I would give a bit of an update. I have received a few more packages with frit and shards; some shorts; some warm fuzzy socks, candy; graphite marvers (!) and I also *won* a digital camera!! I have been thrilled with all I have received and was able to send out 4 gifts myself this week. I seem to still be behind on Christmas shopping and wrapping and....ok pretty much everything. I purchased some more gifts for my dad today so I think I'm finished with him. I seem to be having a lot of trouble with my hubby though this year. I have a few things picked up but I still need to get some other things, I just can't decide what.
Also I just found out today, through the grapevine sort of, that I did get the night shift position I applied for sometime back. The woman in that position now will be retiring soon so I don't know when I will take over but it won't be for at least a month I don't think. Hope that all works out well...
I made a batch of Eggnog fudge the other day...I don't usually cook and had never attempted fudge before but it turned out ok. VERY sweet and it was a bit hard so I think I would alter the recipe some the next time, but it was good for something festive and different. Well, don't have much else to write about today, hope to get some new beads posted soon, but just can't seem to get motivated to do much of anything right now...maybe AFTER Christmas! :)

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