Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pigs and Elephants!

It's strange the way my mind works sometimes...ok, if I'm going to be honest it's strange the way my mind works MOST of the time, but here is an example. I've been going along working happily on disk beads and flowers and some big hole beads when all of the sudden I decide to try my hand at making a pig. He didn't turn out too bad, I named him Percival; here he is.

Somehow from that I thought, "Hey, why not try and elephant?!" I know, strange order to work in but it worked out ok and I named here Eleanor; here she is.
I also made another set of green beer mugs, some big hole beads, and some exchange beads for the "Twigs and Berries" exchange on LE. (I'll spare you the pics of those!) :) Like I said, my mind takes me strange places sometimes! :)

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