Saturday, April 4, 2009

Knew it was comming.

Apparently my whole family did anyway. I talked before about the two foster dogs that we got from AADR about a month ago and last week we were due to have their bios and pictures up on the site for them to be made available for adoption. Well, we were having a really difficult time with Chance. We were very afraid that if we were to let him go to another home that it would literally break his heart. He has "grown" so much in the short amount of time he has been with us, not only by putting on weight and gaining his strength; but also in that he is much more trusting of humans in general now. He is still very timid and hides when other people are around, but if it is just my husband and I at home, he is just as playful as the others. He grew just as attached to us as we did to him, so of course we came to the conclusion that the only choice we had left to make was to adopt him ourselves. :) My husband said he knew it was coming from the moment they handed him to me in the parking lot in Arkansas and his parents said the same thing so maybe it was just meant to be. He has put on about 4 pounds and has much more energy now than he did to start with, but he is still just as content to spend time napping on the couch with someone. I will try to get some updated pictures posted soon.

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