Monday, October 24, 2011

Good News!!

So I wrote last week about my dog Mighty and that we believed he had cancer. We spent a few days discussing our options and had decided we would look into chemo for him after we did some research and found that dogs tolerate it much better with often better outcomes than people do (strange isn't it). Anyway, I had been giving him antibiotics since the lump appeared, even though we were told this was not an infection. My husband had made an appointment with the vet for today to discuss the plan. I have been away this weekend and when I got home last night he told me to look at Mighty. The lump was almost gone!! Hubby had continued the antibiotics through the weekend. So we took him to the vet today and explained what I had done and they did a second biopsy. She said that while we aren't out of the woods yet, this is good news!! There is a possibility that this is just an infection. She gave us 3 weeks of antibiotics and we will see her again in 2 weeks to check things out again. I am thrilled that there is a possibility this could turn out to be good! Thanks for any positive thoughts sent our way!!

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