Saturday, May 9, 2009

New way to raise money

As I was looking around the web yesterday for new ways to help raise money for the two doxies that we will be taking in that I spoke of yesterday, I stumbled across a website called fundable. It is an online fundraiser website! Very cool indeed! You simply pledge the amount you wish to donate and if the target amount isn't reached in a certain time frame, you pay nothing! I set up an account for our two doggies in need who we have learned are named Crystal and Holly. We get to bring one of them home on Monday so I will try to keep updating as I can as to their condition. In the meantime, if you would like to help please visit their fundable account here. :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Doxies in Need

So I know I haven't posted in a while, frankly because I have been quite busy. We have a house full still with the 3 doxies, though Zoie is (we hope) close to being adopted. I have several new "business ventures" going now. I began selling with Inspiranza Designs, Monet Minerals, and Gold Canyon all wonderful companies if you are looking for sterling silver jewelry, mineral makeup or THE best candles you have ever smelled in you life! :) Anyway, to get to the point today's post has a very important reason behind it. Our vet called us yesterday because someone brought in two female doxies around 2yrs old, both are heartworm positive. :( They were going to put them down yesterday but one of the technicians that works there asked them to call us first knowing that we work with AADR to see if we could help. The good news is, I got ahold of the intake coordinator for AADR today and they have agreed to let us help these two girls in serious need of attention; the bad news is, the rescue itself is in serious need of attention. We are in need of donations to help us help more doxies in need so if any one has even $2 to give, please click the AADR button you see here on my page and click the donation button, you can even donate via paypal. :) Also if you ARE in search of the products I mentioned above, for the month of May I will be donating my profits from all three of these companies to AADR. Please help me to help these doxies! ;)

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