Sunday, August 12, 2007

Doesn't it just figure that just about the time things start picking up for me in my etsy shop, I will have to start back to school and probably won't have much time for bead making for a while?! I had my 20th (and 21st!) sale today; one from a repeat customer and one from a new customer! It is always so exciting to sell something, I still find it amazing that people are willing to give me money for something that I make and have so much fun at. I wish sometimes that I could figure out a way for this to be my full time job....then again, maybe not. I really do enjoy being a nurse most of the time, it's just that lampwork is so much less stressful! Other than the occasional upset over a bead that breaks, or a glass being out of stock when I want it...or being WAY to expensive to even consider buying, there really isn't any stress involved. Really I guess that is what it has become to me is a sort of a stress release, and it serves it's purpose well. Alright, enough ranting tonight, off for some more stress release! :)

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