Saturday, November 8, 2008

It always gets worse before it gets better...

So I talked yesterday about having a headache; though I think that is really a bit of a mild term for something as painful as that was..Anyway, it is thankfully gone today, but the nausea stayed. Of course I had to go to work (no fever or anything) so I just sipped Sprite all day and left as soon as I could which turned out to be three hours early. Got into bed at 8:15 and just crashed there for quite a while before I apparently dozed off a bit then the alarm went off at 10pm so my hubby could get up from his nap and go to work. After that I couldn't go back to sleep so I got up and ate a little something and I seem to be better now. At least whatever it was I feel better now! :)
Mallory (aka rosebud101) posted a comment yesterday asking if I was a nurse and suggesting I see a doctor...probably would have been a good idea, but I think because I am a nurse I put off going much longer than I should most of the time. The last time I went for an "illness" I had a headache for 8 days straight before I finally broke down and went because I thought "There really isn't anything they can do for a headache that I can't do at home"....turned out to be a sinus infection so if I wasn't being so hard headed I wouldn't have had to suffer as long! So, if I have any other symptoms tomorrow, I will take your advise Mallory and see a doctor. :)


Jennifer Cameron said...

I am so sorry you are feeling so cruddy! Get some rest, go see the doc if it doesn't get better, and head over to my blog to see photos of the lovely gifts you sent. Thank you SO MUCH! You are unbelievably generous.

angelinabeadalina said...

Are you feeling better today? Yep, listen to Ms. Mallory-- she's a pretty wise woman!

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