Thursday, August 28, 2008

Now what?

OK, so I get to work today and the lady I was talking about yesterday was sent called into the building supervisor's office, presumably about the issue yesterday; and came back to our area in tears and not speaking to anyone. My boss (one step below the building supervisor) called me later to tell me that she had discussed the issue with the woman and it was determined that she did not need to be written up for anything at this time! And, now she doesn't have to cover that area on Tuesdays (the only day the "new" lady works on our shift)! Now what do I do? I feel like I have been totally undermined. I am not kidding, I have never been yelled at like that by anyone before, and certainly not from someone I supervise! If I had talked to MY boss that way, you can bet I would have been written up if not worse! I don't really care that she doesn't have to cover, but isn't it a bit discriminatory that they are telling her that she can cover for everyone except this person? I feel like now nothing I say to her matters because she can just go to my boss and get whatever she wants...
I swear if I could figure out how to support myself through my Etsy shop or lampwork somehow, I would soooo quit my job right now!

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