Sunday, August 24, 2008

New beads

Well, today has been a fairly productive day. Along with the laundry and various other household things that I hate to do on my days off, I managed to get some decent beads finished today. I hope to get a few more done tonight and work on them most of the day tomorrow but I don't know when I will get pics taken. I have been using my husband's camera lately because mine has suddenly just quit working right, all my pics have lines through them. I really need to get a new camera but I will probably wait and ask for one for Christmas.
This week, I have been playing with some new techniques and have been using my press a little more than I have for a long time. It seems like I go through phases, a couple weeks ago I got some new frit and I spent days playing with them; but I haven't really used them since. I'll go back to them in time, but I don't seem to stick with one style for very long before I have to change it up and do something else for a while.
Anyway, off to the torch again! :)

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