Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Me, the KLUTZ!

So I have had the last 4 days off because I was walking up the stairs at work last week and had a really sharp pain in my back. At first I thought it was just a fluke muscle spasm or something, I walked around a bit and it seemed fine so the next time I was getting ready to go up to my office, I took the stairs again and got the same pain again. When I got upstairs, I called my chiropractor and made an appointment for the next day and went on about the evening (along with 600 mg of Advil). Went to the chiropractor the next day and had a few ribs out in that area which he put back in and I thought nothing more of it, it felt better so I came home and went back to bed (I'm not a morning person!). When I got up again later and put my pants on, same sharp pain. So, I called my primary doctor's office and made an appointment with the NP on call. I normally don't go running to the doctor for every little pain, but one this was a big pain, two I knew I couldn't work with it (as I have said before I work in a psych facility and you just never know when you are gonna need to run!) and three, I'm still on probation at work so I have to have a doctors excuse if I'm not there. Well, the NP wound up giving me two days off though she really didn't know what was wrong, it really isn't "typical" pain of anything...duh, I already knew that! But she did give me some antispasmodic medication and told me to "take it easy". The medicine knocks me out and today it still hurts. I am starting to think maybe I somehow tore a muscle or something. Anyway, it's back to work tomorrow. To make things even better, today I fell twice and twisted my ankle so now it hurts too! Good thing I'm not as clumsy with glass, I would have already caught myself on fire by now! :)

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Hope you're feeling better!

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