Monday, December 8, 2008

Busy time of year..

Well, I am 95% finished with the quilt I have been working on so I'm excited about that, but I realized today, Christmas is really creeping up on me and I have several other projects I have yet to complete! I need to make a batch of candles and some tarts, I have a few pieces of jewelry left to make, some beads that need cleaned, photographed and listed, cookies to make, house to clean, presents to buy, presents to wrap....does it ever end?! I really do love Christmas, mainly getting together with family and friends, but I always push myself so hard to have everything perfect that by the time it actually gets here I'm overwhelmed to say the least. There will be things on my list that don't get done, and it WILL be OK... :) This year we are having people over to our house though, and that is a first for us because this is the first time we have had a home big enough to accommodate people so that adds a little extra stress, but also a sense of pride because we have worked so hard to get to this point in our lives and it will be nice to share that with our families.
OK, enough typing, I have work to do! :)


Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Oh those holiday lists keep us so busy. I'm glad for you that you're hosting Christmas at your home. It sure makes memories.

angelinabeadalina said...

You are going to have such a fun holiday season! It really is great when you get to play hostess to all the people you love...enjoy the preparations and only do what you have to do so you don't miss out on the fun feeling it brings. People will be coming to see you guys, not coming to test with a white glove or inspect to see how many decorations are homemade.

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