Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Candles and other smelly things

I actually got one thing checked off my list tonight! I used to make candles to sell before I started lampworking and I still have a lot of the stuff and every year I still get requests for them. It takes me quite a while to make them anymore because I lost one of my designated wax melting pans during the move and all I have left is this smaller one. I managed to get about 14 or so done tonight and that is more than likely all I will make this year (before Christmas anyway). I also managed to pour a few tarts but I may make a few more of those, just depends on how much time I have when I get other things done. When I was digging for supplies for the candles I also found some of the salts I used to use to make bath salts so I whipped up a batch of that too so it can be "curing" before I package it to put in gift baskets or whatever....this is what happens to me, as I start working on things that are on my list, I think of other things that I didn't add, or forgot to add or whatever and this is why I end up being up all night the night before (we actually usually do our Christmas on the 24th at around midnight) finishing projects that are to be used for gifts!

Also, thanks for the words of encouragement yesterday, it really means a lot to me! :)


angelinabeadalina said...

I like the way you think/work, Kim! I do the same kind of working from one thing to another, except I don't have as good of a completion rate as you do! This from Ang, the glass melter who also has an unfinished sketch on one desk, a bunch of scrap metal on one counter waiting to be made into something (who knows what), and stuff for some simple candles on a table in her studio, LOL

Kim said...

Don't be fooled Ang, my completion rate usually isn't this good! And there are numerous other projects that are unfinished...or not yet started! :)

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