Saturday, November 12, 2011

Times when I really don't like my job

There are times in any job when you really don't like the things you have to do or deal with. Maybe there are a few of you out there who truly love what you do and don't have bad days, I hope there are. For me, most of the time I love my job. Being able to help someone is always a nice feeling. However, with it I guess comes the other side. The watching them die. Because of the settings I have worked in prior to this job, I have been lucky enough not to deal with death as much as some. You never forget the first patient you loose, regardless of the circumstance. But tonight we had one who was on hospice pass on. It was not as hard on me as some of the others, I haven't been there long. But to sit with someone and watch them die is tough for me still. I find some comfort, however in knowing that he was not alone; two of us sat with him through his last moments of life. It is just a mixture of emotions that I don't particularly care for and I hope we have some time before we have to go there again.

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