Sunday, September 21, 2008

The End of a Long Week

Well, it's my Friday, and boy am I glad! I spent 2 days (out of 5) at work as the only nurse in the building...I don't like that much. The position I talked about in an earlier post was put up, and I applied but haven't heard anything yet; and I finally got a chance to make a few beads tonight! I entered a Halloween bead exchage over on LE and I was a couple of beads short of what I wanted to send so I *think* I should have them ready to go out this week. I still have a pile of beads to clean and take pics of for my shop but, as I said it has been a busy week and I just haven't felt like messing with it. Anyway, I decided I'm going to just relax for a bit now before I head to bed, maybe watch a movie (great time to watch a "chick movie") because my hubby just started night shifts again tonight which means I won't be able to sleep well anyway! I probably won't get much done tomorrow either as I have agreed to watch a friends baby :)
I will try to post pics of the exchange beads when I get them done and before I send them out, so keep watching! ;)

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rosebud101 said...

I'm in that ex too. I want to see! I want to see! I hope that next week is a better week for you!

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